• The French laboratory Arion is a high technology and fully equipped research center specialized in the manufacture of breast implants.. The pioneer and founder of Arion, the Plastic Surgeon Dr. H. G. Arion, invented the world's first inflatable breast implant in 1965.
  • After years of his dedication to research, the laboratory Arion developed the Monobloco® breast implant which brings maximum comfort and safety for the patient and for the surgeon.
  • Today, the Laboratoires Arion always have various innovations ahead and  develop breast implants of high level which offer a perfect  biocompatibility , an optimal security and a highly esthetic result..
  • Therefore, if the Laboratoires Arion are a worldwide reference in terms of breast implants, it is obviously due to their know-how and competence.

The purpose of breast implants:

  • They can be used for reconstruction or augmentation, to correct or improve certain imperfections, shapes and/or contours.
    • Breast augmentation
  • This is a cosmetic surgery that can increase both the breasts, correcting any volume differences between them.
    • Replacement of previous implants
  • This surgery concerns the replacement of an old implant with a new one.
    • Breast reconstruction
  • This is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the natural shape of a breast lost after an illness or accident.

The Arion’s R&D department does not design only the best quality    implants. Its mission goes much further, by perfecting technological exclusive innovations such as:

  • The Monobloc® breast implants which gives a reliability of the envelope and an unprecedented suppleness thanks to the exclusive autogenously welding of the patch,
  • The Silicone anatomic AX implants with dual cohesive gel which give a flexible base and a firmer nose allowing a highly quality aesthetic result reproducing truthfully the consistency of the mammary gland.
  • Or the biodegradable Hydrogel-CMC implants, which are the unique alternative to the silicone implants assuring a perfect biocompatibility, as well as an optimal security for a highly aesthetic result.

Consistency of the Gel SoftOne® and envelope quality

  • The silicone elastomer envelope is constituted of six layers with low bleed layer between them.
  • It is manufactured through the exclusive PLANETARY SYSTEM which uses gravitational attraction and simultaneous drying. This totally automatized process reduces the probability of non-uniformity that may occur in manual process.

Breast augmentation with Monobloc implants

  • Monobloc® breast implants from Arion are produced based on a unique technological advance and their finishing does not have any bonded parts, providing unmatched flexibility, which avoids the risk of loosening, material failure or any disturbance that can cause leaks - this makes them very safe, comfortable and strong.


Patented System Monobloco®

  • Using medical silicone for long term implanatations, complying with ISO 14949 and approved by FDA.
  • Implants with CE marking certified 10 years ago by G-MED, French notified body recognised internationally for its serious work.
  • Autogenous welding of occlusion disc with the envelope to ensure the lowest possible rupture rate.
  • Barrier layer in the envelopeto prevent the silicone oils from being diffused in the body.
  • Implants with performance superior to regulatory requirements of ISO 14607.