• French company, certified according to ISO 13485.
  • Based in Paris, the company has gained more than 8 years of experience in the aesthetic field and is specialized in design, production and distribution of high quality products with intensive age-defying benefits
  • Having as target to ensure safety and efficiency of treatments and beauty care, all in a favor of the patient, they create Hyaluronica range of products, based on R.U.S.T technology (Trusty. Reticulate. Ultimate. Safety. Technology.)
  • The range includes wrinkle-filling products based on reticulated hyaluronic acid and carefully selected raw materials with excellent biocompatibility

HYALURONICA meant for professional performance on non-surgical aesthetic procedures for natural looking corrections of visible signs of skin aging and different face features. Fine, mid and deep wrinkles, loss of face volume and uneven face contour, enhancement on lip contour and lip augmentation, injectable mesotherapy

HYALURONICA® Dermal fillers based on cross-linked Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin that has been designed for overall anti-aging treatments..

HYALURONICA® maintains normal levels of hydration in skin tissues and also keeps skin soft and smooth, diminishes visible wrinkles, as it keeps skin radiance and refreshed appearance

Treatments with HYALURONICA® ensure immediate visible results and natural look combined with excellent tolerance, high efficiency and comfort