Our aim is to be a distinct company in the international market, to assume a leading position in agricultural trade, and to be trustworthy for our customers.


Our message is to provide high quality and unique agricultural products and services. We give the greatest attention to human resources, health, safety, environmental issues, and customers' satisfaction.

Basic Values:

We are committed by a set of values as a compass directing the work of the company to ensure its arrival to the desired goals, where the company does the following:

·       Considering that the customer is the foundation on which the company is built, therefore we serve our customers with great attention, try to understand them, and make good and strong work relationship with them.

·       We are committed to the highest values in our dealing with companies, dealers, employees, and commercial services providers.

·       Act with integrity, and the highest ethical standards.

·       Strict adherence to the implementation of the highest standards of quality.

·       We believe in giving leadership skills their right roles in order to keep them growing, with the aim of making a positive impact on our customers.

·       We have an obsession that the daily behavior of the company is subject to strict accountability and is consistent with the interest of our customers.

·       We realize the power of teamwork, so we cooperate with each other in all levels to achieve success.

·       We respect our responsibility towards the society.

The Company in a few lines:

Jasmine Damascena is a multi-activity company seeking development and expansion based on agricultural products. It focuses initially on existing products and looking for other products in the near future.

The company is committed to provide high level services, high quality products. It cares about the satisfaction of its customers entirely, and it deeply cares about its human resources.

There are great efforts within the family of the company, made by both of management and staff, in order to reach the best performance through:

following up competitors, global developments, and modern trends in the field, moreover, permanent training, consistent communication with customers, and sincere consideration of their suggestions.